Quingo Mobility Scooters – A New Era Of Transportation Solutions

The transition from independent travel to using a mobility scooter can be jarring for many people, but thanks to an innovative range of 5-wheeled designs, this no longer needs to be the case. Quingo mobility scooters offer a diverse range of solutions, designed to accommodate the needs of its users while being aesthetically pleasing.Quingo Mobility Scooters

With a deep understanding of the personal nature of mobility issues, Quingo have created a diverse range of scooters to appeal to all tastes and in a variety of areas:

Lightweight – It is essential for some that their Quingo mobility scooters can be easily transported in a car. The smaller models, such as the Air and Compact, will fit into most standard hatchback vehicles and are suitable for regular short journeys either indoors or outdoors. Navigating through crowded areas is easy due to the light and easy to use steering.

Most recently, the Quingo Flyte has been released, combining all the benefits of the bigger models, such as a larger motor and longer range, while adding the ability to load the scooter remotely into the back of even small hatchbacks without dismantling or heavy lifting and without the need for an expensive hoist.

Mid weight – For individuals who are looking to undertake longer journeys than driving to the local shops, the Classic and Plus scooter models are perfect. For indoor and outdoor use, the medium-sized models remain comfortable and support optimum posture while operating for extended periods and yet can still be dismantled and transported in most family size cars.

Large – With an ever-increasing number of people relying on their mobility scooter to take them further than to the local shops, Quingo has a range of powerful vehicles that are fully road legal and offer a viable alternative to car travel. This leap forward in independent travel allows users to travel further than ever before. The Toura and Vitess models are suitable for extensive outdoor travel, with a maximum speed of 8mph. Comfortable and easy to use, these models are a clear indicator as to why Quingo is one of the mobility industry’s leaders.

Understanding that selecting a mobility scooter is a very personal choice, Quingo has a number of highly trained Mobility Advisors on standby to offer advice. Assisting a customer from the very start of their search, through to completion of a purchase and aftercare, these team members ensure that every individual makes a fully informed decision and chooses the scooter that is right for them and their needs.

Quingo Mobility Scooters – Unique features

Quingo mobility scooters take advantage of Quintell Technology in order to provide their customers with the safest, most stable and agile mobility scooters on the market today. The five wheeled design concept used on all Quingo mobility scooters ensures that this range of scooters outperforms their three and four wheeled predecessors by some distance. The three wheeled design had superb manoeuvrability, but suffered from stability issues, particularly for the inexperienced user, whilst the following four wheeled design improved stability but suffered from poor manoeuvrability. The designers at Quingo evaluated the pros and cons of each design and came up with the unique five wheeled design.

Quingo Mobility ScootersThe five wheeled Quingo mobility scooter retains the stability of the four wheeled base of previous models, but have implemented a further wheel that is positioned at the front centre of the scooter and works in conjunction with two other wheels directly behind, to ensure that manoeuvrability and agility capabilities remain high. In addition to this, the new five wheeled design gives users sufficient leg room and added comfort benefits due to its unique Adaptive Floating Footplates, which can be manually adjusted to ensure excellent posture control and reduce possible injuries.

Quingo mobility scooters have many unique features that come as standard throughout the range. One such unique feature is the Quingo Kerbmaster which reduces the risk of becoming stuck on a kerb or grounding. When tackling a kerb, the Quingo Kerbmaster automatically kicks in and provides and extra driving wheel at the rear of the mobility scooter that ensures even the toughest kerbs are negotiated safely and efficiently. Upon descent, the Quingo Kerbmaster acts as an additional suspension and reduces and absorbs the shock that is often felt whilst descending higher kerbs.

Another unique feature is the Quingo SmartBumper which automatically operates in an emergency situation and acts as a cushion against impact. Additionally, the Quingo SmartBumper folds up to act as an extra braking device upon impact, ensuring maximum braking capability. The team at Quingo are committed to providing a safe and versatile mobility scooter that meets all the needs and requirements of their customers and can adjust the settings and position of each of their mobility scooters to suit the user. Their dedication to customer satisfaction plays a major role in their continued success.

Quingo Mobility Scooters | A Scooter For Everyone

Stability, agility, comfort and quality are included, as standard, in all Quingo Mobility Scooters and with a diverse range of models, choosing the perfect scooter for your needs has never been easier. Quingo Mobility ScootersQuingo Mobility Advisors are on hand specifically to simplify the process of selection, by providing in-depth information, assessing your requirements and conducting localised test-drives. With a large network of advisors, assistance from a highly trained expert is never far away.

Quingo Mobility Scooters are available in a range and here we highlight just 3 models from across the range:

Quingo Air – The smallest model in the Quingo range, the Air is ideal for use in small, busy spaces such as shopping centres and with built in Quintell stability technology, small still means strong. Good for use indoors and outdoors the Air is easily transportable even in smaller hatchback cars, offering truly portable independence.

Quingo Classic – The original of the Quingo range, the Classic features posture control, comfort seating, increased stability and agility and is suitable for users who weigh up to 25 stone. The classic has been created for both indoor use and outdoor pavement use (on hard surfaces) and is able to travel at up to 4mph. Short to medium journeys are most appropriate for this model and it can be easily transported in most family sized cars.

Quingo Toura – The flagship model of next generation 5 wheel scooters, the Toura offers a practical and attractive alternative to standard cars. Featuring larger wheels and being road legal, the Toura is capable of reaching speeds of up to 8mph. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this model is able to cover distances of up to 55 miles on a single charge.

This is a brief overview of the range and by no means an exhaustive list of vehicles that they offer. Quingo Mobility Scooters are as individual as the users that need them, but all feature key innovative technology to ensure customer independence and satisfaction.